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Welcome to Study Abroad at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania!

Why study abroad?

Study abroad offers students formidable career-enhancing experiences and new perspectives vital to personal growth. Rapid globalization in economics, arts and culture, science, and education means that students with significant immersion abroad will get better jobs and have richer lives—which is a statistical fact. When students study abroad, they also contribute in the end to greater intercultural relations and improved ecological sustainability, because as a group they have a refined grasp of how humans relate to each other and to the natural environment.

There are several opportunities available for a study abroad experience.  The first step is to choose the type of program you are interested in.

Study Abroad Program Types

Exchange - Reciprocal agreement between Bloomsburg University and an international institution for an equal exchange of students.  Students must apply through BU’s study abroad application system and be approved and nominated by the Director of the Global and Multicultural Education office before applying to the international institution.  The exchange program allows BU students to pay Bloomsburg University tuition and receive BU course equivalency credits for classes taken abroad. Pre-approved course credits will go towards total BU credits earned.  Grades for these courses will not be included in the cumulative BU GPA.  However, you must obtain a C or better in the abroad courses to earn credits.  Students should refer to the specific program for details as there are differences in things such as room and board options and additional costs. 

Faculty-Led –  Faculty-led trips (FLTs) are study abroad programs led by a Bloomsburg University faculty member.   The programs are typically offered during the summer and winter terms and require a specific minimum number of students for the trip to take place.  Students pay BU tuition for the pre-defined courses as well as a program fee for accommodations, meals, excursions, airfare, etc.  These programs will focus on a specific academic area.  Students are enrolled directly in BU courses and will earn credits and grades for each course.  

Third-Party – Please see the information provided on the Third-Party Providers page regarding the providers with which Bloomsburg University has official partnership agreements.  NOTE:  Pay close attention to the information regarding third-party programs with which we do not have an agreement.  

Ready to Apply?

Programs and Applications

Students must apply through BU’s study abroad application system, TerraDotta, to be considered for a study abroad program.   Applications are program and term specific.  Once the program of interest is determined, click on the program link and select Apply Now.  You will be asked to create an account in TerraDotta.  Follow the instructions provided on the site after selecting Apply Now.  DO NOT select apply now if you do not intend to apply to the program.  By clicking on apply now and logging in you will create an application. 

To find information on our study abroad opportunities, select the "PROGRAMS" tab above.  In the programs list, the star next to a program name indicates the exchange programs, FLT programs, and third-party programs with which Bloomsburg University has an agreement.

Contact Us

The Office of Global and Multicultural Education is available to help at any point in the process.  

We look forward to working with you!

Office:  Student Services Center, 236
Telephone: 570-389-4199

Last modified 02/23/2016